PolyMem® Tube Site Dressing 

Gastrostomy • Drainage • Feeding
 • Tracheostomy Tube Sites

Shapes by PolyMem Tube dressings have been specifically developed with tube site needs in mind. Made with the same PolyMem formulation, these dressings continuously cleanse and balance moisture throughout the healing continuum, all while helping reduce skin breakdown and minimizing maceration.

Heal Better Feel Better®


Control Inflammation & Edema

Reducing Pain & Increase Comfort 
Diminish Skin Breakdown

Decrease Adherence of Dried Secretions to the Wound/Stoma

No Fraying Edges
Easier & Faster Dressing Changes

Reduce Total cost of Treatment, Simplify Wound Care Process, Improving Patient Experience

The complete Solution To Your Wound Care Needs.